Recent Projects


Using nodegit (libgit2), this creates a simple git web interface to manage your repositories. The interface is intuitive, and natural. It is a lightweight, easy to install git repository management interface.


The goal with this project, was to provide an endpoint that will give a certain http-status based on the endpoint ( This allows you to do some error testing for when calls don't go the way you planned. This takes any integer subdomain, and attempts to return it as an http status code. It also has the special endpoing which just idles, allowing you to handle when a call takes too long to react. Give it a shot!

Proactive Record

This is a simple project I've been playing around with. It takes the ORM pattern one more step, and it reads the DB information schema and creates the models for you. This keeps you from needing to define model files that have the table name, primary key, fields, etc... that become a minor chore when scaffolding. The next step for this project is to incorporate model files that add functionality to models so custom methods can be created.


Simple-MVC was a quick approach to the nuts & bolts of how to scaffold quickly. I tried other libs people made, and even sails (the node rails) was either too complicated to set up and run, or just clumsy, and got in the way. I used express and my Proactive Record package and gave it a quick structure to have simple routing, and a basic ORM.